Busan Inter-City Film Festival

Busan Inter-City Film Festival

The 7th Busan Inter-City Film Festival
  • 2023-08-10

The 7th Busan Intercity Film Festival is held from 25 to 27 August at the Busan Cinema Center and Musai Theater.


With its establishment in 2017, “Busan Intercity Film Festival Film Production Residency Project and” is aimed at contributing to the cultural development and active exchanges by expanding network between UNESCO Creative Cities of Film, commemorating the designation of Busan as a UNESCO Creative City of Film in 2014.


The 7th Busan Inter-City Film Festival begins. This year's screening programs ‘Inter-City’ and ‘Busan’ introduce unique films from 12 cities. In the exchange program ‘Residency’, which produces new films set in overseas cities, filmmakers from Busan will present two new films that have been prepared since spring, set in Fukuoka. Friends of the Fukuoka Film Festival, who we worked together with on new films, will visit Busan during the festival to tell the story of Fukuoka's films at a special forum called ‘Drawing City’. The Busan Independent Film Association, a long-time friend of local cinema, strives to strengthen the unique and creative identity of Busan, one of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Film, and has prepared a screening program featuring unique works from 12 cities, a production project that connects the city, people, and cinema as well as special forums. In this season of the cool wind, we hope to see you in the theater.


▪️When: 25 to 27, August, 2023

▪️Where: Cinematheque(Busan Cinema Center)▪️Musai Theater

▪️Admission fee: 4,000 KRW​​



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