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Busan Asian Film School

About Busan Aisan Film School
  • 2018-11-05
Autumn in 2016, the International Film School opened in the city of film Busan.

Busan Asian Film School will select Asian film talents from each country with a purpose of fostering them as international film business experts and to help them to maximize their ability and potentials so that they can work in the industry of real world right after.

Furthermore we would like to contribute to the vitalization of international co-production through active communications and solidarity among Asian filmmakers.

Busan Asian film School runs International Business Academy as a main course with Asian filmmaking workshop and Busan Film Academy.

International Film Business Academy aims to open in March 2017.

We select around 20 fellows among Asian young film talents for the producing course.

After six months of training, their achievement will be evaluated by pitching their proposals at the Busan International Film Festival.

Busan Film Academy is planning and running various educational courses for film experts, film talents and citizens Busan metropolitan city as well.

And Asian filmmaking workshop is for Asian young film talents to make short films.
Asian Film Academy, ASEAN-ROK Film leaders Incubator, FLY- international kids and youth film camp and more will be the stages for Asian filmmakers to share their ideas and get close to their dreams.

Busan Asian Film School would pursue Asian beauty that reflects cultural diversity in Asia while making a platform where Asian countries can share their films to accelerate their growth at film market in each country.

Also we would like to contribute to mutual growth both in Asian and global film industry.

Busan Asian Film School is set in Asia’s first UNESCO designated City of Film, Busan, for the development of film. Over time, the development of the film industry, as well as the physical infrastructure, has led to cultural assets and economic competitiveness in both Korea and Asia. This educational facility has been developed to foster the global film industry, as well as professionals and filmmakers all over the world.




With a focus on producing, the international film business education will be administered in selecting the best and talented professionals as instructors in each field among Korea and Asia. Instructors will mentor students on all aspects of the film industry, including pitching projects, production, and leading into investment.




In addition, we are also seeking an Asian aesthetic and beauty which is found within and reflects the cultural diversity of Asia, and to prepare the film industry for a foundation to share it’s strengths among other Asian countries, and while accelerating the growth of the domestic film industry, see likewise growth linked to the global film industry as well.





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