Busan Film Commission

Busan Film Commission

2022 Busan Film Commission PR Video
  • 2022-08-10
Busan Film Commission was launched as the first film production support organization in Korea. BFC has played a crucial role in strengthening the film and video industry foundation and establishing Busan as an internationally competitive film city by utilizing the local cultural characteristics.
So far, BFC has supported a total of 1,616 films and videos (as of December 2021). Besides, BFC has been promoting various support projects for the overall production of films and videos in the region, including planning, development, production, post-production work, and training industry professionals.
Also, BFC is striving to expand the infrastructures such as Busan Cinema Studios and Cinema House Hotel in Busan, which provides film-friendly environments. And Busan Cinema Venture Center, which cultivates local companies related to the film industry and Busan Asian Film School, which lays down the foundation of industry professionals training. Also, Busan Visual Industry Center invites and supports the audiovisual companies from Busan and around Korea cultivating the manpower of the creators. Lastly, Busan Post Lab is building a one-stop post-production support system.
Please give BFC a lot of support and interest, which will lead Busan to be the herb of film and video industry with the change of the industrial eco-system.




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