The Corner Theater

The Corner Theater

'Cinema-people-theque', Corner Theater
  • 2018-11-26

‘The Corner Theatre’, named after the renowned film,<The Shop Around the Corner> directed by Ernst LUBITSCH, is a public film community that aims to become a ‘cinema-people-theque’, screening, recording, and restoring the voices of the general public.

It is Located in Totatoga, a creative space in the original downtown (Jungang Dong, Jung-Gu, Busan), the birthplace of Busan Cinema. 

The Corner Theatre aims for the maturity of community altogether,  focusing on the community movement which gives audiences chance to create the culture of enjoyment with the experience of selecting and watching movies by themselves and having discussion on the movies afterwards.


Main Programs


Main Contents

Audience Culture Class

Training activists for audience culture through basic and intensive courses for 10 weeks

After Cinema

Giving chance for the trained activists to work as staffs in promotion, management tasks for events

Citizen of Cinema Festival

Giving chance for the trained activists to work as programmers for film festival

Experimental Film Festival

Introducing experiimental films to citizens

Forty steps Audience Theatre

Screening films selected by neighorhoods, and sharing its experience with each other




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