Busan Peace Film Festival

Busan Peace Film Festival

Busan Peace Film Festival
  • 2019-06-30

Hosted by a private organization named Busan Okedongmu Children In Korea,

Busan Peace Film Festival is aimed to provide chances to communicate and sympathize with peace through films.


From its establishment in 2010, BPFF has closely communicated with audience 

with a wide range of ‘peace-themed’ films, hosting a contest for the purpose of encouraging many filmmakers

and citizens to join the festival as well as discovering young and new talents both at home and abroad.


BPFF would like lots of people who have forgotten the meaning of peace or have longed for peace in itself

to deeply consider peace while finding out their own peace through the diverse films

which are making voices for human rights, environment and reunification or against war, violence and inequality.



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